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The easy way to book a Charter Bus!

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Academy Bus is a bus company not a broker. We are recognized as the largest privately held transportation company in the United States and have garnered an industry-leading reputation for top quality customer service and a diverse fleet of late-model equipment.


Your group will travel on a top quality coach driven by a trained, professional operator. Tolls and applicable charges (i.e. fuel, safety compliance) are included. Items such as gratuity or event parking are NOT included.


Booking a charter bus on our website is the easiest way to ensure the best transportation option for your group. When you book online you will receive a contract from us and if required a follow up communication from our web sales team. Booking on our website ensures the rate and bus are secured to your specifications.


Academy takes the safety of our customers very seriously. We have extensive driver training and re-certification programs conducted by our team of full time safety managers. The company maintains comprehensive insurance coverage well beyond the minimum required. Our buses are equipped with the latest safety technology including on board camera systems.

'Academy has the quality and quantity of buses for every customer.'

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  • Elegant: Stylish European charm and streamline styling
  • Comfort: Large flat screen monitors, Wifi and power outlets
  • Flexible: Up to 54 seats and under carriage luggage
  • Tax
  • Driver Meals
EXCLUDED (if applicable)
  • Tolls
  • Gratuity
  • Parking
  • Admission Fees

Online quotes are estimates. Rates are subject to review by sales agent based on complete trip details.

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How far in advance can I make a reservation?

Generally we suggest booking your coach a month in advance of the travel date. However, this depends on availability. The sooner you book the better.

Can I make a reservation over the phone?

Yes. We have customer agents available in every market we serve to assist in booking a coach. Call 800-555-2872 to connect with a sales agent.

When do I have to pay?

A deposit is due within two weeks of receiving a quote. Payment in full is due two weeks prior to trip date.

What confirmation do I get for my reservation?

We will e-mail you a confirmation immediately following your reservation.

What is my contract number?

The contract number is located on the top of your contract that we e-mail you. This assists us in quickly identifying your trip should you have any questions or changes.

Can I change my booking?

Yes. You can change your booking by contacting a sales agent or using our online reservation system. Note that changes could alter the price of the trip.

Can I cancel my booking?

All payments will be refunded less a service charge of $150.00 on cancellations made more than (2) two weeks prior to the scheduled date of departure. There will be a 50% cancellation fee per bus if the group cancels less than (2) two weeks prior to the scheduled date of departure. If cancelled within 24 hours of departure the customer is subject to full charge.

How do I go about booking a coach for my group?

Step 1) Determine a general itinerary including date(s) of trip, pickup and drop off times plus the trip origination and destination locations.

Step 2) Call, e-mail or use our online reservation system to check availability and obtain a quote.

Step 3) No matter how you inquire with Academy we will provide you a written quote via e-mail. Please check the quote for accuracy and respond with any changes. Note that changes could alter the quote price. The quote will stay valid in our system pending receipt of a deposit for two weeks. If a deposit is not received within 2 weeks the quote will be cancelled.

Step 4) If you want to book the trip send us the required deposit within two weeks of receiving the quote. You can coordinate a quote with a sales agent or through our website booking system.

Step 5) After receiving the quote we will send you a contract via e-mail.

Step 6) The balance of the trip is due two weeks prior to the trip. Without payment in full the bus reservation will be deemed invalid.

Note that charters not paid in full prior to the trip date are subject to cancellation.

What form of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, checks, money orders and wire transfers to pay for charter bookings.

Do your coaches have outlets and Wi-Fi?

Yes. All coaches have Wi-Fi. Most coaches have outlets at every seat.

Do your coaches come equipped with DVD players?

Yes. All coaches come equipped with a DVD player and numerous flat screen monitors.

Is there room to store luggage and other items on the coach?

Yes. Our charter coaches have a vast undercarriage luggage compartment (except Mercedes Mini) to accommodate multiple pieces of luggage for the number of passengers the coach was built for. On board the coach there are overhead luggage racks that can accommodate small bags or clothing.

What do Academy coaches look like?

Academy coaches are silver with a black script Academy logo.

What amenities do your coaches offer?

Our coaches come standard with reclining seats with foot rests, DVD player with flat screen video monitors, power outlets for electronics, ample luggage space, lavatory (except the Mercedes Mini) and Wi-Fi internet access.

Can I bring food on the bus?

Your group can bring food on the bus, but is responsible for cleaning up the coach prior to trip end. Academy provides a garbage bag at the front of the coach to assist with this process. Any damage from food or drinks to the bus will be charged to the group.

Can I bring my pet on board?

Our policies prohibit animals on board our buses; however the exception is any ADA assistance animal. (see below ADA rule) A “service animal” is any guide dog, signal dog, or other animal individually trained to do work or perform tasks for the benefit of an individual with a disability, including, but not limited to, guiding individuals with impaired vision, alerting individuals with impaired hearing to intruders or sounds, providing minimal protection or rescue work, pulling a wheelchair, or fetching dropped items. 28 C.F.R. § 36.104. The ADA does not limit the kind of animal that can provide service or the types of tasks or work a service animal can perform. All service animals are the sole responsibility of the owner and must be in control with a leash, carrier, or other restraints that are appropriate. Any damage to the bus or clean up required is the responsibility of the owner of that service animal. Service animals cannot travel in the aisle or occupy a seat that may otherwise be available to other passengers. Service animals will not be transported in the luggage compartments under the bus. Academy will not transport any animal that is considered a threat to the health and/or safety of other passengers or Academy personnel.

Does the bus make stops?

Our drivers will make stops based on your submitted itinerary. Our drivers are flexible and will work to accommodate last minute changes or requests.

What do I give the driver upon arrival?

Our drivers do not require anything upon arrival. However, always good to check with the driver that he has the proper information for your trip and coordinate any last minute changes or details.

Is there room to store luggage and other items on the coach?

Yes. All coaches come with a vast luggage compartments to store bags of all shapes and sizes.

Can I take my bicycles, skis etc on board?

All coaches come with substantial luggage compartments that can store things like bicycles, skis etc. Check with your group leader to ensure there is space while keeping other travelers’ luggage in mind. Contact a sales representative if you have any questions.

Does Academy prohibit any items to be brought on board a coach?

Firearms, ammunition, any hazardous, caustic, radioactive, or flammable material of any kind. Any item emitting an odor, any food products, any biohazard of any kind, any knives or any kind of weapon, any illegal material or item of any kind as described by any state or federal law as such, any item of any kind that may cause damage or harm to a person or property. Electric cigarettes are prohibited onboard. Academy personnel have the sole discretion to refuse any item aboard any bus/coach. If you have questions, contact Academy BEFORE you travel.

Can I bring a child safety seat on board?

Passengers are welcome to use their own child safety seats onboard our equipment. It is your responsibility to ensure that such seats are approved for use onboard buses and that you bring any and all additional equipment that may be required to properly use such seats such as safety strapping and belts. Academy does not provide strapping or other child safety seat required equipment. The use of such safety seats may require the purchase of a second ticket. Contact your Academy representative BEFORE travelling.

For medical reasons can I bring oxygen on the bus?

Oxygen containers are a fire and explosion hazard. Personal use containers (those carried with the person either on wheels or as baggage) while in active use, are allowed on the bus. The containers are not to consume any seating otherwise available to other passengers or be kept in the aisle. Up to two spare containers per person will be transported free of charge but are to be equipped with protective cases and safety caps and securely stored in the baggage compartment. We will not carry oxygen containers without safety caps and installed.

Can your coaches accommodate passengers with disabilities requiring the use of a mobility aid?

Mobility Aids: Mobility aids for persons who require their use but are ambulatory, can load such apparatus in the baggage compartment of the bus, space providing. Such apparatus is not to be brought into the passenger area of the bus unless using a lift equipped bus with space designated for mobility aids and the person remains in the apparatus, the exception being canes or walkers that can be folded and kept with the passenger or fit in an overhead baggage area. Maximum size/weight of any mobility aid is limited to 200 pounds and 33”x33”x48”. The onboard lift can only be used where such space and location allow. We will do our best to accommodate your requests but such requests will be subject to our ability to deploy the lift in any given location or condition outside the control of our operations.
Capacity: Each lift equipped bus has a maximum capacity to hold two occupied mobility aids. Some smaller model units will have a capacity of one mobility aid. The weight limit of the lift is 600 pounds including the occupant and the mobility aid. 48 inches in height and 30 inches wide is the maximum dimensions of any mobility aid to be secured with an occupant inside the passenger compartment.
Assistance: Academy will assist you as best as can be accommodated with your request. Please advise the driver on scheduled service operations and advise your sales agent at the time of booking your charter. We will assist you where possible but will not provide assistance of a personal nature. If you have such needs, please arrange to travel with a companion.