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We just finished a charter with Academy, which I myself led as tour manager…I love your bus and the driver, Cherron Simmons, was awesome.
- Manfred Hilker, Music Contact International

Percy Chambers and Leyland Bagot were AWESOME. Great guys, great drivers, the weekend was a success.
- Julie Lindenman, ZogSports

Igor Pilip was very professional and very prepared. Our staff and players enjoyed his company very much. We have had problems with buses this year (from other companies) and Igor was the best we have had to date.
- Stan Kissel, Syracuse University

By the way, Alesander Domenech has been fantastic! His personality, professionalism and attention to detail has been just what we need!
- Leah Frazier Dixon, Columbia University

I just want to say how impressed I am with the drivers of your buses. I frequently take a bus to Atlantic City, and the driver’s attitude, skill and leadership is incredible. Thanks again.
- Victoria Liska